Nursing Bra

Breasts and tummy are the parts of the body that experience the most changes in a new mother, so knowing how to choose the ideal nursing bra is very important.

Normally, breastfeeding bras do not usually have under-wires due to the discomfort they usually cause, since the chest is swollen and they are usually annoying. In the market you can find two large groups of nursing bras, those with a foam cup and those without.

·        Nursing bras with Padding: There are very different opinions, but the truth is that this is very personal; on the one hand many people think that foam is annoying when breastfeeding, however other women think completely the opposite. We, as experts, believe that they are bras designed especially for this moment of our life and being objective; these bras shape the chest and pick it up beautifully, so that you can wear your clothes as usual.

Pros that we have found of the maternity bras with foam: They mold the breast and enhance it.

Cons of foam nursing bras: Foam is annoying for some women, but if you are used to wearing it as normal, it doesn't have to be now, right?

·        Nursing bras without padding: As with the foam ones, there are many opinions, ours is that they conform very well to the chest but do not enhance it so much. The chest is completely collected as well as the foam ones since this depends more on the model than on whether it has foam or not.

Pros we have found of non-foam nursing bras: They conform very well to the breast and do not give heat in summer.

Cons that we have found of the maternal bras without foam: They do not enhance the breast as much and they produce marks on the clothes.

In any case, it is a very personal choice; the advice of our experts is to choose the most similar nursing bra with which normally you wear. Of course, we recommend nursing non-wired bra, which is because it can better adapt to the changes in size that occur during pregnancy and lactation.

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